Warwick Court Leet conduct the ancient Ale Tasting Ceremony

Warwick Court Leet conducted the ancient ceremony of Ale Tasting during the Inner Ale Tasting on Thursday 5th May.

Joined by representatives of the neighbouring Court Leets of Alcester, Bromsgrove and Henley-in-Arden, ale tastings were conducted at Ronnie’s Bar, The Old Coffee Tavern, The Tilted Wig and The King’s Head. 

The ales tasted an each establishment were found to be good, wholesome and fit for consumption by the Townspeople. The Landlords at each establishment were presented with a certificate and a sprig of evergreen to hand over their portal to demonstrate their ales had been tested and were fit.

The Lord of the Leet (The Mayor of Warwick) Cllr. Richard Edgington presents a certificate and sprig of ever green to the Landlord of the Tilted Wig
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