The Court is a legal body within English Law, with limited legal jurisdiction as specified by Administration of Justice Act 1977. This Act states that Warwick Court Leet accepts ‘Presentments’ from any resident living within the area now covered by the CV34 postcodes.

A ‘Presentment’ is a matter of concern or complaint within the area – for example, blocked drains or waterways, damaged Rights of Way, or dangerous buildings. Alternatively, they can be matters that have given satisfaction or pleasure.

The public are invited to attend both the Spring and Autumn Courts at which they may make Presentments personally, having previously submitted them in writing to the Steward. These meetings are held in the Court House, Jury Street, Warwick, generally in March and October at dates and times can be found on our Events Page.

After being presented to the Jurors of the Court for consideration, and having been accepted, the Steward is asked to forward them to whichever local authority or utility company is responsible. By law, they are required to reply to the Court with their findings and intentions to resolve the matter.

“A Presentment is a way to raise a matter of concern or complaint for the Court’s review"


Either complete the online form below with your name and address together with details of the issue you wish to raise or alternatively download a presentment form (PDF) and post it on or drop it into the address shown at the foot of this page.

See our Privacy page for how we handle your data.

The Court hosts fundraising events, including the Warwick Court Leet Beer, Cider, & Music Festivals, and the Warwick Classic Car Show.

Any profits made through the Court’s events are made available to the Warwick community through its Grant Funding Programme, which supports local good causes and charities. In total, the Court has awarded more than £50,000 in grant funding since 2015.

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