The Court Leet is an advisory body in calling attention of the elected representatives – the Jurors – to anything amiss, or for the betterment of the town.

Courts are held four times during the year – the spring, summer, autumn, and winter court. The spring and autumn courts are open to the public. The autumn Court is also the Annual Court, where new Jurors and officers are appointment, and the Bailiff and Low Bailiff are inducted.


Every year, the Court holds its ‘Assizes Day’. Officers of the Court including the Fish, Cheese, Flesh tasters, the Bread Weigher, and the Ale taster visit invited traders to purchase and test their wares.

This practice reflects the historical duty of the Court to ensure that food and goods sold in the town were of a satisfactory standard and ‘fit for consumption’ by the town’s folk, and that the dealings of the traders were ‘fair and honest’.


The ancient ceremony of Ale Tasting is held twice annually; its purpose is to ensure Warwick publicans’ ales are good for the people of the town.

In the summer, the Court Leet inspects hostelries in the town centre and, in the autumn, visits Warwick’s outlying hostelries to purchase and investigate the taste, temperature and cleanliness of local ales. If they pass muster, the hostelries will be presented with a certificate and a sprig of green to hang above their door.

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