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The Mop Fair

Warwick Mop is held every year on the Friday and Saturday following the 12th day of October, with the ‘Runaway Mop’ held the following Friday and Saturday and has taken place for nearly 700 years. Originally it was where workers could be hired for a trial period of one week. After the week the worker could either return home or continue working for the new employer, hence the Run Away Mop. The worker would spend their week’s wages at the stalls at the Mop or the local pubs.

The Mop is officially opened by the Mayor of Warwick, who is also The Lord of Warwick Court Leet, at midday on the first Saturday with the Town Crier and supported by Warwick Court Leet. The Mayor reads the Charter that allows the Mop to take place followed by a tour of the Mop led by Tommy Wilson of the Showmans Guild. 

Every year there is a pig roast and it is one of a number of ways the Mop fairs raise money for the Mayor’s charity. The first slice of meat is auctioned, Councillors, Showmen and residents of Warwick bid on the meat, which is often re-auctioned a number of times to increase the charity donation made. 

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