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Beer Festival 2017

This year despite some inclement weather you joined us in great numbers once again at the Warwick Beer, Cider and Music Festival, run by the Court Leet, to drink some excellent locally brewed beer and cider (and some from further afield) all in the name of raising money for Warwick Charities.
This year we had over 80 beers and 40+ ciders to choose from, live music and hot food was available at all sessions and free soft drinks were available for all drivers.

In 2018, for the first time, we will be hosting a Winter Beer Festival to be held at the Lord Leycester Hospital so check out the links on our Events page for more details.

Warwick Court Leet

Established 1554


Warwick Court Leet, or as it is formally known "The Court Leet of the Worshipful Town Mayor and Chief Burgesses of Warwick" was founded in 1554 and consisted of a Jury of 12 Burgesses (upright citizens) plus 12 assistants, to aid the Steward (the Town Clerk) and the Town Council in the running of the town of Warwick.





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