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Warwick Court Leet, founded in 1554, is a self-funded organisation upholding English traditions.

The Court comprises 24 Jurors including the Bailiff and Foreman, supported by Officers including Ale Tasters, Fish and Flesh Taster, Bread Weigher, Cheese Taster, Brook Looker,Surveyor of Buildings, Pavement Looker, Surveyor of St Marys Lands, Herald, Beadle,Yeoman and Sergeant at Mace. Additionally Jurors are appointed as Ward Constables, three or four for each of North, South and West Wards of the town.

Making 'Presentments'.

The Court is a legal body within English Law, with limited legal jurisdiction as specified by Administration of Justice Act 1977. This Act states that Warwick Court Leet accepts 'Presentments' from any resident living within the area now known as CV34. 'Presentments' are matters of concern or complaint within the area - for example blocked drains or waterways, damaged Rights of Way, or dangerous buildings. Alternatively they can be matters that have given satisfaction or pleasure.


The public are invited to attend both the Spring and Autumn Courts at which they may make Presentments personally, having previously submitted them in writing to the Steward. These meetings are held in the Court House, Jury Street, Warwick, generally in March and October at dates and times which are published in the local press and on social media. After being presented to the Jurors of the Court for consideration, and having been accepted, the Steward is asked to forward them to whichever local authority or utility company is responsible. By law, they are required to reply to the Court with their findings and intentions to resolve the matter. Either complete the online form below with your name and address together with details of the issue you wish to raise or alternatively download a presentment form and post it on or drop it  into the address shown at the foot of this page.

Court Leet Presentment

Additionally the Court holds numerous events within the town throughout the year and raise considerable funds for local charities and good causes, at the same time as upholding ancient traditions.

In addition to the Summer and Winter Beer Festivals other notable public events which the Court Leet are involved with include the Assizes day.

Assizes Day

Once a year the Court holds its 'Assizes Day'. Officers of the Court including the Fish, Cheese and Flesh taster as well as the Bread weigher and of course the Ale taster visit invited traders to test their wares.

Places visited this year included: Norma Jean Bakery for Bread, Marks and Spencers for cheese, The ChipShed for fish, The Meat Room for meat and the New Bowling Green for ale.

This practice reflects the historical duty of the Court to ensure that food and goods sold in the town were of a satisfactory standard and 'fit for consumption' by the local towns folk, and that the dealings of the traders were ' fair and honest'.

Traders that have successfully past this examination by the Court Officers are rewarded with the presentation of a certificate together with a sprig of 'evergreen' to 'display over their portal'.

Warwick Court Leet

Established 1554


Warwick Court Leet, or as it is formally known "The Court Leet of the Worshipful Town Mayor and Chief Burgesses of Warwick" was founded in 1554 and consisted of a Jury of 12 Burgesses (upright citizens) plus 12 assistants, to aid the Steward (the Town Clerk) and the Town Council in the running of the town of Warwick.





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