Dates of all forthcoming formal and social events involving Warwick Court Leet as well as those of our neighbouring Courts will appear in the calendar below. Be sure to visit regularly for updates on our events as well as other events of interest  happening in and around Warwick.

2019-20 Court Leet Diary-

Warwick, Alcester, Bromsgrove, Henley-in-Arden.

12 Jan        Warwick Court New Year's Feast            Alderson House
13 Jan        Inner Court                        Court House
23 Jan        Warwick Closed Court                    Council Chamber

14/15 Feb    Lord Leycester Hospital Beer Festival            Lord Leycester Hospital
25 Feb         Alcester Pancake Races
?  Mar        Inter-Court Games Night, Alcester
09 Mar        Inner Court                        Court House
11 Mar        Bromsgrove Inner Ale Tasting                TBA
26 Mar        Warwick Spring Court                    Ballroom, Court House

27 Mar         Inter Court Games Night at Alcester
02 Apr        Warwick Inner Ale Tasting                TBA
11 Apr         Alcester Town Criers' Competition
15 Apr         Henley in Arden Court Leet Dinner            By invitation 6/30 pm
16 Apr        Bromsgrove Spring Court                Guesten Hall, Avoncroft        
18 Apr          Warwick Town Criers' Comptition            Court House/Pageant Gardens
02 May         Alcester Assizes

03 May       Old Bears Rideout
07 May         Henley in Arden Ale Tasting                6.30 pm
10 May        VE Commerotaion Civic Service           St Mary's Church
17 May        Henley in Arden Civic Service                By invitation        
21 May         Alcester Inner Ale Tasting
25 May        Guy of Warwick Day
28 May        Warwick Mayor Making                    TBA
06 Jun        Henley in Arden Assizes, Duck Race & Artisans Market    9.30 am Guild Hall
14 Jun *    Alcester Street Market
15 Jun        Inner Court                        Court House
20 Jun        Bromsgrove Fair Day                    By Invitation
21 Jun        Bromsgrove Patronal Service                 "        "        
25 Jun        Warwick Closed Court                    Council Chamber        
17/18 Jul     Warwick Beer Festival                    TBA
19 Jul        Henley in Arden High Bailiff's At Home            By Invitation
23/26 Jul     Warwick Folk Festival
19 Jul         Henley in Arden High Bailiff's At Home            By Invitation        
26 Jul        Warwick Civic Service                    St Mary's Church
15 Aug        Warwick Assize Day
15 Aug      Alcester Family Fun Day
16 Aug        Warwick Classic Car Show                Town Centre
04 Sep        Warwick Bailiff's Dinner                    Alderson House
08 Sep        Bromsgrove Outer Ale Tasting                TBA
12 Sep         Alcester Peaky Blinders Night
17 Sep         Alcester Outer Ale Tasting
17 Sep        Beer Festival Helpers Event                TBA
24 Sep        Warwick Outer Ale Tasting                TBA

06 Oct        Alcester Mop
08 Oct         Alcester Annual Court                    Guild Hall
09 Oct        Bromsgrove Baiiff's Dinner                By Invitation
12 Oct        Inner Court                        Court House
17 Oct        Warwick Mop Opening and Lunch            Town Centre and Court House
22 Oct        Warwick Autumn Court                    Ballroom, Court House

05 Nov          Bromsgrove Autumn Court                By Invitation
08 Nov        Remembrance Sunday
10 Nov        Henley in Arden Annual Court                7 pm Guild Hall
09 Dec        Warwick Court Carol Service and Supper        Lord Leycester Hospital


* Denotes change of date or amendment to details

Warwick Court Leet

Established 1554


Warwick Court Leet, or as it is formally known "The Court Leet of the Worshipful Town Mayor and Chief Burgesses of Warwick" was founded in 1554 and consisted of a Jury of 12 Burgesses (upright citizens) plus 12 assistants, to aid the Steward (the Town Clerk) and the Town Council in the running of the town of Warwick.





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