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Assizes Day

Once a year the Court holds its ‘Assizes Day’. Officers of the Court including the Fish, Cheese and Flesh taster as well as the Bread weigher and of course the Ale taster visit invited traders to test their ware.

Places visited in 2019 included: Norma Jean Bakery for Bread, Marks and Spencers for cheese, The ChipShed for fish, The Meat Room for meat and the New Bowling Green for ale.

This practice reflects the historical duty of the Court to ensure that food and goods sold in the town were of a satisfactory standard and ‘fit for consumption’ by the local towns folk, and that the dealings of the traders were ‘fair and honest’.

Traders that have successfully past this examination by the Court Officers are rewarded with the presentation of a certificate together with a sprig of ‘evergreen’ to ‘display over their portal’.

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