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About us

Warwick Court Leet, or as it is formally known “The Court Leet of the Worshipful Town Mayor and Chief Burgesses of Warwick” was founded in 1554 and consists of a Jury of 12 Burgesses (upright citizens) plus 12 assistants, to aid the Steward (the Town Clerk) and the Town Council in the running of the town of Warwick.

The Court is a self-funded organisation upholding English traditions.

The Court comprises 24 Jurors including the Bailiff and Foreman, supported by Officers including Ale Tasters, Fish and Flesh Taster, Bread Weigher, Cheese Taster, Brook Looker, Surveyor of Buildings, Pavement Looker, Surveyor of St Marys Lands, Herald, Beadle, Yeoman and Sergeant at Mace. Additionally Jurors are appointed as Ward Constables, three or four for each of North, South and West Wards of the Town.

The Court is a legal body within English Law, with limited legal jurisdiction as specified by Administration of Justice Act 1977.

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